Puerto Rico Is Home To So Many Sports

From snorkeling to biking to kayaking, Puerto Rico is an incredible mecca for outdoor activities and sports. Amazing scenary, tropical temperatures and an array of activities, will render tourists and locals alike astounding athletic options.

Perhaps a favorite thing for tourists especially to try is snorkeling. Pueto Rico boasts beautiful blue waters and tropical fish and crystal clear waters. No wonder snorkeling is a natural favorite tourist activity. Locals, of course, have first pick at the best activites so there is no shortage of snorkeling native instructors. Perhaps one of the finest sights to see is the naturally-occuring coral reef near San Juan. On one specific boat tour, you access an island full of clean, white sand and sparkling waters. Instructors give the option of taking snorkeling instructions with them. To view the reef, you can dive several feet down into the ocean depths and mingle with the tropical fish and underwater anenomes. The experience is one of a kind because there is very little pollution in these waters so the depths are crystal clear with the appropriate snorkeling gear. Once your deep sea dive is complete, you can go back on the sailboat and peruse with the locals and fellow tourists, enjoying complimentary pina coladas and rum punch. There is also a boat picnic with breathtaking views making the experience virtually unforgettable.

If you prefer to get your gears in motion, a dry bike ride might strike your fancy. Experience the charm of Old San Juan from the culture to the night life and mingle with the locals. You can rent the bike for an hour on your own or go ahead and jump aboard one of the famous bike tours. If you’re a go-getter, there is the option to speed cycle with the other athletes just to pump up your heart rate. The heart of the service, though, is being able to hear a tour guide ride with you through the town and view breathtaking beachfronts, lavish hotels and amazing street food kiosks. There is even an option to take your bright orange bike for a booster-seat add-on for your child. You can paint the town, well, orange, with your little tyke on your bike. The best thing about the tour is they take pictures of you on the bike at every stop and email them to your after your tour. The tour even includes a complimentary bottle of water, so you’ll never get parched!

Another incredible tour option is to explore the gorgeous El Yunque Rainforest which is close to San Juan. This rainforest, in addition to being completely different then the rest of the San Juan destinations, is home to over 240 species of plants and wildlife. The trail within the rainforest will open your eyes to incredible natural beauty including waterfalls, streams, orchids, panoramic views and giant ferns. You will also encounter wistful vistas and the sacred territory held high by the Puerto Rican people. It was said to be a forest that watched over the people in historical legends. Be sure to bring your camera to this miraculous tour.

Pueto Rico is a gorgeous mecca of atheltic activities and incredible waters, waterfalls, forests, and people. It is non-stop action for tourists and a visit to Puerto Rico will never be forgotten.

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