San Juan Beaches

The beaches of San Juan are some of the finest in the world providing picturesque landscapes and access to the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. San Juan offers a wide variety of beaches with something for everyone. San Juan’s beaches offer beautiful sand and warm blue oceans. There are also more than enough opportunities provided on these beaches for the athletically inclined with kayaking, wind-surfing, and surfing. Some of the beaches also are quite wide allowing a variety of beach sports to be played.

Main Beaches in San Juan

One of the most accessible beaches in San Juan is El Escambrón located within the Puerta de Tierra neighborhood. Due to its close proximity to Old San Juan it is very easy to get to and find for most tourists. Because of this it will be crowded especially on weekends during the high tourist season. To escape the crowds you can go to the east side of the Tercer Milinio park. In this area are some nice spots that do not attract as large of crowds as the main beach. El Escambrón also has the benefit of public restrooms and other facilities including a restaurant.
Another popular area to go to see San Juan’s beaches is the Isla Verde area. This area is very popular amongst tourists as it is where many of the resorts and hotels are located. In this area are a variety of beaches such as Pine Grove beach and Carolina public beaches. All of these beaches will usually have a crowd making them ideal for people watching. They are also wide beaches with nice sand perfect for playing sports on or building sand castles. In general these beaches are relatively calm making them a good choice for those with children.

Condado Beach Area

The Condado Beach area is one of San Juans finest areas of beaches offering a variety of spots to fit everyone’s needs. For those that prefer calmer water and a more secluded area there is the “Playita del Condado” meaning Condado’s little beach. This area is the most ideal for families or those that enjoy peace. The eastern section of the Condado Beach area offers a whole different scene. It is located in between the Parque del Indio and the Ventana al Mar Park. It is a very popular beach for younger crowds to go to and socialize. It is also the most popular beach for surfers to frequent. This makes it a great place to go if you wish to watch some Puerto Rican style surfing.
Another beach often associated with the Condado Beach area as it lies adjacent to it is the Ocean Park Beach. It is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It is also one of the favorite spots for singles to frequent. It is in a much more scenic location than a lot of the Condado Beach area. It also provides some very nice small restaurants with outdoor seating where you can enjoy a drink or a meal. The area around Ocean Park Beach is mostly residential though there are a few bed and breakfasts where tourists can stay. There is also a park where the beach gets its name from with parking for cars as well as tennis courts.