Puerto Rico Is Home To So Many Sports

From snorkeling to biking to kayaking, Puerto Rico is an incredible mecca for outdoor activities and sports. Amazing scenary, tropical temperatures and an array of activities, will render tourists and locals alike astounding athletic options.

Perhaps a favorite thing for tourists especially to try is snorkeling. Pueto Rico boasts beautiful blue waters and tropical fish and crystal clear waters. No wonder snorkeling is a natural favorite tourist activity. Locals, of course, have first pick at the best activites so there is no shortage of snorkeling native instructors. Perhaps one of the finest sights to see is the naturally-occuring coral reef near San Juan. On one specific boat tour, you access an island full of clean, white sand and sparkling waters. Instructors give the option of taking snorkeling instructions with them. To view the reef, you can dive several feet down into the ocean depths and mingle with the tropical fish and underwater anenomes. The experience is one of a kind because there is very little pollution in these waters so the depths are crystal clear with the appropriate snorkeling gear. Once your deep sea dive is complete, you can go back on the sailboat and peruse with the locals and fellow tourists, enjoying complimentary pina coladas and rum punch. There is also a boat picnic with breathtaking views making the experience virtually unforgettable.

If you prefer to get your gears in motion, a dry bike ride might strike your fancy. Experience the charm of Old San Juan from the culture to the night life and mingle with the locals. You can rent the bike for an hour on your own or go ahead and jump aboard one of the famous bike tours. If you’re a go-getter, there is the option to speed cycle with the other athletes just to pump up your heart rate. The heart of the service, though, is being able to hear a tour guide ride with you through the town and view breathtaking beachfronts, lavish hotels and amazing street food kiosks. There is even an option to take your bright orange bike for a booster-seat add-on for your child. You can paint the town, well, orange, with your little tyke on your bike. The best thing about the tour is they take pictures of you on the bike at every stop and email them to your after your tour. The tour even includes a complimentary bottle of water, so you’ll never get parched!

Another incredible tour option is to explore the gorgeous El Yunque Rainforest which is close to San Juan. This rainforest, in addition to being completely different then the rest of the San Juan destinations, is home to over 240 species of plants and wildlife. The trail within the rainforest will open your eyes to incredible natural beauty including waterfalls, streams, orchids, panoramic views and giant ferns. You will also encounter wistful vistas and the sacred territory held high by the Puerto Rican people. It was said to be a forest that watched over the people in historical legends. Be sure to bring your camera to this miraculous tour.

Pueto Rico is a gorgeous mecca of atheltic activities and incredible waters, waterfalls, forests, and people. It is non-stop action for tourists and a visit to Puerto Rico will never be forgotten.

San Juan Beaches

The beaches of San Juan are some of the finest in the world providing picturesque landscapes and access to the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. San Juan offers a wide variety of beaches with something for everyone. San Juan’s beaches offer beautiful sand and warm blue oceans. There are also more than enough opportunities provided on these beaches for the athletically inclined with kayaking, wind-surfing, and surfing. Some of the beaches also are quite wide allowing a variety of beach sports to be played.

Main Beaches in San Juan

One of the most accessible beaches in San Juan is El Escambrón located within the Puerta de Tierra neighborhood. Due to its close proximity to Old San Juan it is very easy to get to and find for most tourists. Because of this it will be crowded especially on weekends during the high tourist season. To escape the crowds you can go to the east side of the Tercer Milinio park. In this area are some nice spots that do not attract as large of crowds as the main beach. El Escambrón also has the benefit of public restrooms and other facilities including a restaurant.
Another popular area to go to see San Juan’s beaches is the Isla Verde area. This area is very popular amongst tourists as it is where many of the resorts and hotels are located. In this area are a variety of beaches such as Pine Grove beach and Carolina public beaches. All of these beaches will usually have a crowd making them ideal for people watching. They are also wide beaches with nice sand perfect for playing sports on or building sand castles. In general these beaches are relatively calm making them a good choice for those with children.

Condado Beach Area

The Condado Beach area is one of San Juans finest areas of beaches offering a variety of spots to fit everyone’s needs. For those that prefer calmer water and a more secluded area there is the “Playita del Condado” meaning Condado’s little beach. This area is the most ideal for families or those that enjoy peace. The eastern section of the Condado Beach area offers a whole different scene. It is located in between the Parque del Indio and the Ventana al Mar Park. It is a very popular beach for younger crowds to go to and socialize. It is also the most popular beach for surfers to frequent. This makes it a great place to go if you wish to watch some Puerto Rican style surfing.
Another beach often associated with the Condado Beach area as it lies adjacent to it is the Ocean Park Beach. It is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It is also one of the favorite spots for singles to frequent. It is in a much more scenic location than a lot of the Condado Beach area. It also provides some very nice small restaurants with outdoor seating where you can enjoy a drink or a meal. The area around Ocean Park Beach is mostly residential though there are a few bed and breakfasts where tourists can stay. There is also a park where the beach gets its name from with parking for cars as well as tennis courts.

The Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

History of Old San Juan

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, a city with rich diversity and a rich history. Founded in 1591 by Juan Ponce de Leon it was used as a military base by the Spanish for many years and Spanish ships with cargo would dock there for protection. In San Juan much of the colonial architecture still remains adding to the romantic feel of the city. The wall build in the 1630’s also remains to this present day. Its impressive sandstone architecture adds even more to the romantic atmosphere in the city.
Old San Juan was not always the beautiful tourist attraction that it is today. In the seventeen century the city survived many attacks and sieges thanks to the artillery at “El Morro”. The most tragic time in the city’s history was is by the 1940’s the city had fallen into disrepair and the authorities were considering tearing the city down and rebuilding. Fortunately one by the name of Ricardo Alegria talked the authorities into keeping and preserving the old city. The preservation and cleaning up of the city is what has made Old San Juan the popular tourist destination that it is today.

Modern San Juan

Modern day Old San Juan is a city filled with many attractions and activities. It boasts cobble stone streets, shops, open air cafes, museums, and tree-shaded plazas all easily accessible through a free tourist trolley. Part of the wall from the 1600’s is also preserved and many enjoy being able to experience this artifact from the seventeenth century. Another point of interest in Old San Juan is El Morro. This fortress’s construction began in 1540, though there were additions made well into the eighteenth century. With six stories and towering 140 feet above the see, El Morro is an impressive display of the cities rich history.
Other architectural masterpieces found in the city are the city gate and the cathedral. The city gate boasts an impressive massive wooden door. This used to be the only way to enter the city. Close by is the cathedral with its intricate Gothic design. Also, within the cathedral one can find the remains of the founder of the city, Juan Ponce de Leon. Another area of interest is the governor’s mansion. Originally this building was built to be used as a fortress but it ended up being used as the governor’s mansion for many of the governors. It is open to guided tours Monday through Friday and is an excellent way to get a glimpse at how a house in San Juan in colonial times would have looked and operated.
Not to be forgotten are the cities many museums. One of the oldest is the San Juan Museum of art and history. This museum was founded in 1855 and has many exhibits dealing with Puerto Rican art. Another noteworthy museum is the Pablo Casals museum. This museum was built for the Puerto Rican people by the late composer Pablo Casals. It features breathtaking displays of his work.

It is easy to see the draw of Old San Juan with its romantic atmosphere, rich history, and many attractions. That is why it continues to be one of the top tourist destination spots in the area. Why not visit it yourself on your next vacation?

El Yunque

Among all of the beautiful scenery that Puerto Rico offers, El Yunque Rainforest is by far the most breathtaking place that tourists will lay eyes on. Formerly known as the Caribbean National Forest, El Yunque is the only tropical forest in the United States National Forest System. In every direction they turn, tourists are met with views of majestic trees that tower over even the largest individual. Though El Yunque is not large by rainforest standards, the overgrown ferns and bamboo will leave you feeling entrenched in a captivating new world.

What to Expect at El Yunque

This natural wonder spans across 28,000 acres and is home to over 240 species of trees and plants. Additionally, the rainforest is also home to many endangered and rare wildlife, making it a magnificent haven that must be protected and maintained.
In fact, El Yunque provides a habitat to the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot, or Amazona vitatta as it is scientifically named. It is one of the ten most endangered species in the entire world. El Yunque also gives a habitat to about fifty other bird species. The rainforest provides a safe home for all of its wildlife and there is no hunting allowed there.
El Yunque hosts a magnificent mountain of the same name, which actually means “anvil” in Spanish. The mountain spans across the rainforest and adds a mystical presence to the environment. The peak is one of the highest in Puerto Rico and is almost always covered in a thin mist. The high humidity around the mountain typically causes light afternoon showers.

What to Do at El Yunque

Visiting the rainforest can present you with a lot of opportunities to capture the beautiful flora and fauna that resides within. If you are in to photography, El Yunque is the perfect place to get beautiful natural images to share with friends and family and keep memories for years to come. Of course there are also guided tours that you can take if exploring on your own seems a little bit overwhelming. There are many trails within El Yunque that allows you to both drive and walk the rainforest on your own.
El Yunque also boasts the majestic La Coca Falls. As you watch the waterfall run dramatically down a mossy cliff, you will feel as though you have been transported to a lovely paradise. This wondrous waterfall is a must see for anyone touring the El Yunque rainforest.

Regardless of how you choose to experience El Yunque, this Puerto Rican treasure is sure to blow you away.

Castillo San Cristóbal del Morro

During your vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico, one of the best spots to visit is Castillo San Cristóbal del Morro. San Juan is very well known for its forts and this location is among the most popular and most visited of all the forts there. Castillo San Cristóbal del Morro is the largest fort that was built by the Spanish in the west hemisphere.

History of Castillo San Cristóbal del Morro

Forts are of significant importance in the history of San Juan and Puerto Rico. They were built to be a crucial line of defense in protecting the island against enemy attacks. Due to the immense wealth of the Caribbean islands, European ships often found their way to the San Juan harbor and would try to take it over. Spanish King Charles III ordered that San Juan become a “Defense of the First Order” and a large wall and smaller fort were made in addition to the fortifications of San Cristóbal and El Morrow.

Though El Morro guarded the bay, San Cristóbal protected the land east of Old San Juan. History showed that building a fortification that protected the city from a land invasion was a much needed security measure. In 1797, Sir Ralph Abercrombi led an invasion that was thwarted by the presence of San Cristóbal.

The San Juan Historical Site was established in 1949 and includes four of the major San Juan fortifications; Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Cristobal Fort, San Juan de la Cruz Fort, and a majority of the large city wall. The United Nations declared the San Juan Historical Site as part of the World Heritage Site in 1983.

At approximately 150 feet above sea level, the Castillo de San Cristóbal is a large structure that spans across most of the northeast edge of Old San Juan. It was built in about two decades and is over two centuries newer than El Morro.


Because of its historical nature and significance, Castillo San Cristóbal del Morro provides tourists with a chance to experience both a lesson in architecture and history. Staring from the parapet of San Cristóbal, you will be able to see most of Old San Juan laid out before your eyes. Stepping inside one of the sentry boxes will even allow you to look out over the water.

Tourists are able to set up guided tours if they wish to learn more in depth information about the history of San Cristóbal and the San Juan forts. Admission for Castillo San Cristóbal del Morro is very inexpensive, making this an absolute must see attraction for history lovers and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Experience the Best at Casa Condado Hotel Boutique

Staying in a Boutique Hotel is a hot trend that is spreading across Europe and also the U.S. A Boutique Hotel is a luxury mini hotel with its own swank and style and caters to those who want to stay in comfort and have upperclass service. These hotels are often designed to a special theme, as some of the hotels are by famous landmarks, so perhaps they incorporate that décor theme in their rooms and service style. In these hotels, there are usually places to wine and dine and wifi and other amenities in the rooms. Celebrities have caught onto a famous boutique hotel in St. Tropez and boutique hotels have be trending ever since.

Another hot spot to stay is the boutique Casa Condado Hotel near San Juan in the Carribean, Puetro Rico. A true by-the-beach boutique hotel, this spot is hot for luxury-loving young and hip travels. It is the epitome of comfort and style and the alluring nightlife and warmth of the carribean will make a traveler want to stay longer. Beaches, beautiful people and all the amenities a person can imagine, this boutique hotel has it all. Perhaps a favorite spot in the hotel is on the common area terrance where there are luxurious hammocks and seating for guests to convene. There is a beautiful sea breeze and beautiful music in the breathtaking evening for customer enjoyment.  There is also complimentary wifi in the common areas. This boutique hotel is a 3-level complex with a grand staircase that allows easy access to the rooms and guest areas. Guest should be sure to enjoy their complimentary cocktail voucher on El Asador Restaurant at Old San Juan after they settle into their rooms. The rooms contain all new appliances, furniture and decoration are new since summer of 2009. The rooms are sparkling, clean and pristine and always a pleasure in which to relax.

Casa Condado Hotel offers the epitome of style, luxury and comfort at the best price for travelers. They offer a first class service experience. There is even a delightful Four Seasons restaurant on the groud floor of Casa Condado that offers delicious Asian Cuisine. There is stunning nightlife only a short walk away and stylish boutiques near this exceptional boutique hotel. There are spas and fitness centers near the hotel and the surrounding beach breeze and gorgeous hot spot will make a travel’s stay memorable and incredible.